Legal Solution for Universal

Reseller Universal Group has partnered with the 360 Legal Group to provide its more than 600 members with a communications solution that will enable them to cross-sell their services to clients and thus improve their profitability.

Viv Williams, Managing Director of 360 Legal Group commented, “New legislation coming in to force in 2011 means that legal firms need to become far more conscious of the markets they serve. Too often law firms sell single product solutions to their clients. For example, they may provide advice in divorce cases but completely ignore the fact that their clients are also likely to need conveyancing services as well.

Modern communications systems and applications have a part to play in enabling our members to make this transition to becoming more commercially aware which is why we have partnered with Universal Group. Part of our remit at 360 Legal Group is to make members aware, via our seminar and conference programs, of the latest developments in the market and the tools that are available to help them. We will therefore be launching this new service to members at our Legal 360 Conference which takes place this October.”

Justin Willson, Marketing Manager at Universal Group commented that the tri-partite development with 360 Legal Group and Performance Squared is an exciting strategy to bring the proven methodology of The Virtual Sales Manager system (VSM) to the legal profession.

“Not only will the system allow for the capture of key client data, it will also provide an automated sales process to allow for a step change in client management. Meaning that, delivery of further products to enhance client value becomes a reality. VSM will help identify and convert opportunities into closed business. It helps assess what is known about clients, discovers what is not known, and learn what is needed to know to develop future business.

The legal profession will now have the opportunity to use a class leading methodology to drive business, something which has only been available to the corporate markets previously.”

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