Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Many organisations have endured expensive, time consuming and potentially reputation damaging disputes with customers or suppliers as a result of disagreements when conducting business over the phone – often ending up in a ‘who said what to whom’ situation.

Yet, one in five companies will ignore a business dispute and capitulate rather than pursue it because they fear either the time taken or more importantly the cost of seeking legal advice.

With the ever-increasing demands of compliance and legislation, no organisation, whatever its size, is immune from the burden it imposes to prove the veracity of decisions. However, disputes can be easily resolved if reliable and accessible voice recording is used across the organisation.

Indeed, with orders being taken verbally becoming standard business practice in an ever-increasing litigious society, voice recording and more importantly, the ability to easily produce this evidence, will go a long way in avoiding disputes along with the associated business costs.

Yours sincerely,

Graham Chick
Chief Executive
GemaTech (UK) Limited

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