LevelOne Wireless LAN

With wireless networking the hottest new technology over the last few years, LevelOne and Mayflex has introduced a great range of wireless products, from indoor Access Points through to highly scaleable, outdoor wireless mesh products.

Mayflex is particularly focusing on the 802.11g Super G range. Tracey Calcutt, Mayflex Marketing Manager says; “Super G Access Points and cards offers the customer the most cost effective solution in terms of bandwidth. We view this range as our main offering.” The WAP-0003 is a 108Mbps Access Point and incorporates the very latest in security with Wired Equivalent Privacy (WPA) for encryption, and client authentication via 802.1x. For multi-access point sites, fast installation can be achieved using the auto channel select feature.

For more sophisticated networks, the WAP-0005 features standards based Power over Ethernet and additional support for multiple SSID and tagged VLAN’s. Looking to the future, Calcutt added, “Wireless is again entering a very exciting phase with the new MIMO technology. Eventually we hope to see speeds of up to 600Mbps supported in our range.”

While LevelOne wireless is relatively unknown in the UK, it is already widely adopted in continental Europe. Tracey Calcutt, Mayflex’s marketing manager stated that she was confident that the fusion of low cost and quality would ensure that the LevelOne range would prove to be a real market winner.

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