LG backs Android over Windows and Symbian

LG’s Jeremy Newing, head of mobile marketing, has stated that the company will be bringing out new handsets based on the Android platform by the beginning of the second half of 2009. Newing also told Mobile Business at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that Android is the platform to bet on for future innovative developments in the consumer social networking environment.

Newing said of the consumer market: “I think Android is going to be the winner. Android handsets are being announced all over the show today. Everyone wants to share their personal information, they want to network, and the Android platform has been designed with that functionality in mind. We are working with Android already and will release around three Android handsets by the end of 2009, with more to come in 2010.”

The second half of 2009 will see LG making its first UK move away from its own operating system. The handset manufacturer has recently released windows-based phones globally other than in the UK, yet with its primary focus on high quality handsets for consumers, it has not been concentrating hard on the business market, stated Newing. “We are now breaking into the business market,” added Newing. “It’s an exciting time for us.”

Today at Mobile World Congress, LG unveiled its flagship handset for the first half of 2009, the ARENA, with a unique 3D user interface and high spec, plus the Crystal, with transparent slider bar that doubles as a curser for web browsing due out towards the end of April, and the imaging-focused GC900 due out in May or June.

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