LG collaborates with Dolby on multimedia phones

More than two billion mobile users will have bought digital goods with their phones by 2013, according to Juniper Research.

A new analysis of the global mobile payments opportunity forecasts that 2.1 billion mobile subscribers will pay by mobile for digital goods downloaded to their mobile phones by 2013.

Juniper Research defines digital goods as music (ringtones and full tracks), tickets, TV, user generated content, infotainment and games; in fact any content bought by phone and delivered to the phone.

A region by region analysis by Juniper Research found that there is a significant growth opportunity not only for mobile payment systems, software, support and consultancy services vendors, but also for mobile operators to increase their ARPU as transaction frequencies accelerate.

Report author, Howard Wilcox, stated: “Many digital content goods and services are becoming basic ‘must haves’, particularly in the sub 35 age group. Devices like the iPhone, even in its 3G incarnation, are undoubtedly contributing to consumer awareness and usage of mobile music services. People who are 15 to 20 today will expect to buy directly with their phones and will drive this market over the next few years.”

The report additionally showed that users are forecast to make at least two payment transactions per month for digital goods by 2013, nearly half of all mobile phone users will have bought digital goods at least once with their phones by 2013, and the two leading regions of Western Europe and the Far East and China will account for over 50% of the total digital goods gross transaction market value by 2013.

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