Lights Go Out on BT VoIP Service

Here’s a story you won’t find on the BT web site; apparently various sources are now claiming that thousands of BT’s broadband VoIP subscribers were cut off from the service last week.

BT reportedly has around 25,000 customers who use the Broadband Voice service, which enables domestic and small business users to turn their broadband line into an internet-based phone line to make cheap calls. BT’s Broadband Voice doesn’t require users putting on headphones or using a microphone linked to their PC, but allows users to simply plug a normal phone into their broadband connection socket to get a service.

However, BT confirmed there were outages to the service last week, which meant calls were terminated before being completed, and some users were unable to get any sort of service at all.

BT said thousands of its Broadband Voice subscribers were affected by the network problem, but says it has now been patched, and that normal service has been resumed.

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