Lily Comms Launch Strategy for Success

Yorkshire based reseller Lily Comms have launched their Strategy for Success (S4S) to employees, stakeholders, clients and suppliers. Over sixty people gathered at the Lily Comms office to see the ambitious future plans presented by the Senior Leadership Team.

The Strategy for Success is designed to help communicate to everyone connected with Lily Comms’ the business growth journey and how they can play a personal part in the company achieving its aspirational goals. Taking the form of an easy to digest twenty page document the Strategy for Success details the imperatives for growth, the company vision, critical success factors, values and culture aligning with Lily Comms’ future plans. The S4S then details both employee and client feedback, the importance of choosing the right partners, recognising key successes and the ongoing charity work of employees.

Lily Comms have seen tremendous growth over the last thirty-six months. Doubling turnover year on year, they are on course to reach £4.9m for this financial year and show no signs of slowing down. The Strategy for Success has been created to help Lily Comms push past the £10m barrier and beyond to achieve their ambitious vision of becoming ‘the leading provider of business communications to UK SME organisations’.

Managing Director, Chris Morrisey, commented, “Our Strategy for Success is part of an award-winning framework called The Winning Formula created by John Stein ( The simple approach enables leaders to transform their organisation, lead and inspire change, deliver accelerated growth, improve operational efficiency and maximise the human performance potential of their people.

The S4S aligns Lily Comms’ business growth strategy with individual performance. It communicates clearly and precisely what is expected of everyone connected with business from partners, to employees, to stakeholders. Our S4S provides clients with four compelling reasons to join the impressive stable of Lily Comms customers, to whom we provide innovative products and services and award-winning customer service. Our solutions are designed to help our clients to reduce cost, increase sales, improve productivity and drive efficiency.

Our S4S defines us. It will guide and motivate us as we grow and keep us focused on a day-to-day basis.”

Head of Channel (Unified Communications) at Gamma, Andrew Smethurst, was a guest at the S4S launch. Speaking of the event he commented, “It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of Lily Comms launch of their S4S initiative. The Senior Management team delivered the message with extreme passion, and the message seemed to hit the spot with a very receptive workforce.

That I think is the point with Lily Comms, they have set themselves a serious goal of being the market leading reseller, and with the skillset and belief that exists in its employees there is absolutely no reason they cannot achieve this. For me the emphasis placed on the Lily Comms ‘culture’ is not misplaced, as a key Partner of theirs we at Gamma have placed a similar focus on not losing any of our ‘culture’, the ‘stuff’ that sets us aside from the rest, as we grow, and for me this will play an important part in their success – success that we look forward to working very closely with Lily Comms to create, through an ever increasingly aligned, strategic relationship going forwards.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine