Linnet Produce Greener UPS

USP vendor Linnet Technology has developed a hydrogen powered fuel cell backup power system. Linnet Technology was tasked directly from one of their key clients with proposing an alternative to a conventional diesel generator stand-by system.

Initial investigations highlighted the limited scope and flexibility of available hydrogen powered systems. Having spoken with a number of organisations in Canada, USA and Germany it was evident that Linnet Technology needed to develop a tailormade system of its own. This being the case, Linnet Technology enlisted the help of Auriga Energy Ltd, who have a proven expertise in the development, integration and delivery of fuel cell and photovoltaic technologies, gained through extensive work within the space and defence arena. Coupled with Linnet Technology’s experience and knowledge of UPS and generator systems, the organisations developed a solution.

This particular system delivers 6KW of uninterruptible power in the event of a mains outage providing virtually unlimited runtime. The system manages to combine the seamless changeover provided by the UPS with the alternative power source of the generator within one system, thus eliminating the possible problems of diesel engine emissions, fuel spillages and multiple strings of lead acid batteries.

The footprint occupied by this system is greatly reduced in comparison with conventional stand-by arrangements. Of greater benefit to customers is the possibility of using this type of system as an alternative to mains power as well as a stand-by system. In such an application, the system will be continuously fuelled by a hot-swap of the hydrogen tanks.

The advantages of hydrogen fuel cell systems versus traditional generator/UPS systems are “zero emissions”, greater efficiency and greater autonomy times, amongst many others. Linnet Technology can tailor a system to suit the needs of clients, as well as install and maintain the systems cost effectively, via our offices throughout the UK. Our experience suggests customers prefer to deal with local suppliers, as this often enables a quick response to any issues that may arise.

Fuel cell technology has been around for many years now. The difficulty had been integrating the various technologies and components to provide bespoke solutions to clients. The environmental, renewable and climate change targets currently agreed by many governments will necessitate a fundamental change in how we provide power in the future. The Scottish Government is committed to achieving 50% of Scotland’s electricity to be met from renewable sources by 2020, with an interim milestone of 31% by 2011. These are very challenging targets.

Our current reliance on traditional diesel generators and battery systems is not sustainable. Alternatives, such as our fuel cell systems, do exist. We all have a responsibility to look after our environment. Having set the targets we have to overcome our historic adversity to change and move fast to deliver these, legislation and incentives will no doubt help us on our way!

Linnet Technology offer a complete one-stop shop solution for your Power Protection and backup equipment, providing packages from initial consultation and proposal to installation to suit your application from our team of highly qualified engineering staff.

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