Liquid Voice brings screen recording within reach

Call recording and efficiency management specialist, Liquid Voice, has brought screen recording capabilities within easy reach of many more users – opening up a new potential revenue stream for resellers.

“Historically, screen recording has been restricted to enterprise scale organisations who could justify a significant investment and access has not been available to the majority of resellers,” said Chris Berry, Director – Business Development of Liquid Voice.

“As with call recording, our mission is to make the technology affordable to many more operations so that they can benefit from the improvements in service and efficiency which these solutions undoubtedly bring.”

The company says Liquid Screen Recording offers powerful capabilities which are affordable and cost effective regardless of the number of users. It opens up the market and brings it within easy reach of the capabilities of those resellers who are typically not used to delivering this level of technology.

The system can operate independently or linked to Liquid Voice’s call recording to give a full audit trail of each interaction / transaction. These capabilities deliver a host of benefits including enhancing training, identifying work-flow related issues or highlighting misuse.

For example, take a call centre agent who is trying to access relevant information from the customer relationship management system whilst taking a call. By replaying the call recording in synchronisation with the screen recording of the agent’s desktop activity, the manager can ensure that the agent is making proper use of the relevant areas of the CRM system. By gaining maximum intelligence, the interaction can be engineered in the most streamline, effective, and profitable direction.

Providing accurate, unbiased, multimedia replay of agents’ calls and associated activities, Liquid Recording provides easy search and rapid retrieval of video and audio files by date, time, operator or customer.

“Previously, the opportunity to effectively replay the customer’s experience has been restricted to only to large enterprises,” said Chris Berry.

“Now, through Liquid Voice, it is also available to those who would like the competitive advantage that this solution provides but do not have the budget previously required.”

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