Liquid Voice Monitors Activity

Leeds- based call recording and workforce optimisation company, Liquid Voice, has just launched a product called Activity Monitoring which can monitor and report on each employee’s workstation activity – minute by minute.

A complete time-line is maintained for each user, showing which documents, emails, websites and programs they are working on throughout the day.

There is a range of reports built into the software which can, for example, summarise how long the member of staff has spent emailing, on the Internet, using the CRM or telephone. It can report on exactly which computer programmes they have used and for how long, act as an electronic time sheet and highlight areas of attrition.

Furthermore, working trends and patterns can be highlighted on when teams and individuals are their most and least productive, allowing resource to be redeployed as necessary.

“Liquid Voice is truly an innovator. Just as we were first to bring the channel integrated call logging, recording and quality monitoring, we believe we are the first to offer this unique solution,” said Chris Berry, Liquid Voice’s Director – Business Development.

“Using Activity Monitoring, organisations large and small, can focus in on what is important and ensure their staff are allocating their efforts accordingly.

“Activity Monitoring’s value lies in its ease of use and cost – vital, in an economic climate that restricts businesses in their capital expenditure.

“For the reseller, it is something totally unique that can be offered as an alternative to the raft of ‘me-too’ products available; affording a quick, genuine, and most importantly, demonstrable return on investment.

Liquid Voice’s Activity Monitoring can also be used to report on the activities of field and home based employees, ideal for those operations that want to use remote working increasingly as an efficiency and cost saving solution but are nervous about the potential lack of control this can create.

Activity Monitoring user, Dominic Anderson of Environmental Hygiene Services, commented: “We feared some negative feedback from staff who might think we were snooping on them and made it clear from the start that we are using this system primarily to ensure our staff work as smartly as possible.

“It has allowed us to expand our home-working recruitment with confidence – secure in the knowledge that this situation will not be abused. It also allows us to offer more flexibility to office-based staff who occasionally need to work from home.

“We have already seen a threefold return on this investment because of the efficiency improvements we have been able to introduce.

“The issue of employee privacy is really incidental. Our staff know that we are sensitive to this, but equally have always been aware that we have the right to monitor the use of our own systems and, if necessary discipline those who misuse them.”

Chris Berry added: “This is a powerful tool for all operations. It’s simple to use and can really help to improve operational efficiency and reduce waste.

“It may seem like ‘Big Brother’ but if it is used sensitively and sensibly it can provide a real help in improving processes, systems and ensuring time is allocated to the most productive activities.”

“Until now, these capabilities have been restricted to large organisations that operate complex, hugely expensive programmes which require significant management input. Our rental solution for small users is easy to use and operate, can be downloaded from the web and is priced for mainstream use.”

The Activity Monitoring solution is also available to resellers as part of the ‘Radius powered by Liquid Voice’ range recently launched by Nimans.

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