Logicalis Expands Green Offering

International solutions provider Logicalis has announced that it has expanded its green ICT portfolio by partnering with Verdiem, the leading developer of power management software for PC networks and United Access Limited, the low carbon technology integrator (Verdiem partner for EMEA).

Under the terms of the agreement, Logicalis will promote, sell and implement Verdiem software to its existing and new clients as part of the Logicalis Green ICT programme in the UK, ResponsibilityTM. In addition to the formal unveiling of their alliance, Logicalis and United Access have started working to deliver part of the Green ICT message to organisations, by the deployment of the Verdiem “SURVEYOR” software which eliminates PC power waste and generates significant and demonstrable savings on energy bills, with the lowering of carbon emissions.

“Government regulations on corporate energy consumption have grown increasingly strict in the last few years, and are only going to increase, along with the price of fossil fuel” said Matt Davies, managing director, United Access. “By working together with Logicalis, we are helping customers quickly, easily and substantially reduce their power use to meet corporate and government mandates for energy efficiency.”

The SURVERYOR solution looks to reduce the electrical consumption of PC fleets by 30% plus, and on average is saving over 200 kWh per year, per computer. With Return On Investment (ROI) of around 12 to 18 months, and combining a verifiable and auditable reporting process, organisations can be confident in starting to address the need to reduce carbon emissions, and publicly promoting social and environmental responsibilities and green credentials to customers, employees, management, shareholders and investors alike.

Studies show that PCs and monitors use as much as 14 percent of all power consumed in office environments. By using Verdiem’s SURVEYOR, organisations can centrally manage the sleep, shut down and wake cycles, to eliminate PC power waste and reduce spending on energy. Based on its existing customer base, annual use of Verdiem technology reduces greenhouse gas emissions, at a rate equal to taking more than 9,800 passenger cars off the road for an entire year, or conserving 5,181,586 gallons of petrol.

Commenting on the importance of the relationship for customers, Tom Kelly, managing director, Logicalis UK, says, “On top of the carbon levy and WEE directive there are reams of legislation being developed in Brussels to force firms to limit their environmental impact. IT departments are now central to most businesses environmental strategy, and managing the energy consumption of the PC fleet compliments work already under way in other high-energy use areas such as the Data Centre . Working with Verdiem and United Access we will be able to provide our customers with another option when it comes to reducing their environmental impact.”

“In many ways, Europe is ahead of North America in terms of its commitment to energy efficiency, especially in the private sector” said Kevin Klustner, chief executive officer, Verdiem. “Working with Logicalis provides us with better access to the European market, while providing customers with the peace of mind that comes with doing business with an established, respected technology integrator.”

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