LogMeIn adds iPhone email configuration to Rescue

LogMeIn has added a host of new features in the latest release of LogMeIn Rescue, a remote support solution for PCs, Macs and smartphones, including the ability to push email configuration settings to a remote iPhone.

The updates in this release of LogMeIn Rescue include: Remote iPhone email configuration: Technicians can now initiate a remote chat session with iPhone users and push out email configuration settings, reducing the time it takes to get iPhone users set up on corporate email accounts;

Templates for smartphone email configuration: The Rescue console now includes integrated lookup and access to a database of hundreds of smartphone email configurations. These settings are pre-populated and pushed out to users’ devices;

Unattended access: Support technicians are often unable to resolve an issue during a single Rescue session because the job may be too big or the user may need their computer. Unattended access provides technicians with permission-based access to continue the work later, at a time more convenient for all or even when the customer or employee is not present. This can improve support technician productivity, as well as end-user satisfaction with the overall support experience.

“Gartner expects smartphone sales to climb to more than 544 million in 2012, which is more than three times the number that were shipped in 2009,” said Terrance Cosgrove, senior research analyst, Gartner. “Simultaneously, devices are becoming more difficult to manage as the complexity of mobile device applications increases. We’re finding that organisations are responding to these trends by formalising their mobile device support processes and supporting them within the desktop services group along with PCs.”

Added Lee Weiner, director of support and collaboration products, LogMeIn: “The helpdesk is getting inundated by requests to support mobile devices, including the iPhone. The remote configuration features now available in Rescue will help support professionals stay on top of their users mobile device adoption without killing productivity and get their smartphone users up and running quickly. Beyond great smartphone support, Rescue’s unattended access capabilities really help the helpdesk fulfil its mission as service provider and productivity enabler to the business.”

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