London fibre provider points to channel opportunities in the capital

London fibre provider, Venus Business Communications, has commented on Ofcom’s findings that just four per cent of UK households have signed up to fibre to the home (FTTH). However, Ofcom’s research, published in its sixth International Communications Market report, still shows the UK leading Europe in its adoption of high-speed broadband services.

Ofcom compares European fibre adoption to the 40 per cent take-up in Japan. It cites UK planning regulations and residential characteristics as reasons for lower fibre adoption in this country: “The per-capita cost of providing FTTH/P services is lower in countries where a large proportion of the population live in multiple-dwelling units (MDUs), and where infrastructure or planning regulations allow for more cost-effective laying of fibre-optic cable,” Ofcom reports.

Brian Iddon, director at Venus Business Communications commented, “We agree with Ofcom that UK planning regulations and residential building type drive up the cost of supplying fibre to the home in suburban or rural areas. However, in London, where more people are living in a concentrated area, the cost per capita of providing high speed fibre optic internet to premises can be substantially reduced. Fibre is a viable option for businesses and homes in the capital. We have studied this model closely and compared it with the success of fibre cities around the world. This why we have opted to become London’s fibre provider.”

Venus Business Communications provides high speed internet connections to businesses in London and the UK. In addition to providing aggressively priced fibre services direct to business customers, an increasing number of resellers and smaller ISPs are using Venus Business Communications’ network to provide circuits from its twelve points of presence across London.

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