Lone worker protection from Sonim

A new collaboration involving one of the toughest mobile phones around and advanced lone worker protection is to give a lifeline to staff working in harsh environments.

The Sonim XP3 Sentinel handset with integrated code5 protection goes beyond BS8484, the code of practice supporting lone working staff, according to the device manufacturer and 24/7 property and people protector, SitexOrbis.

Tests have proven the XP3 Sentinel is unaffected when submersed in one meter of water or dropped from two meters onto hard concrete. The phone also meets military levels of resistance to humidity, salt, shock and heat and is able to function between an icy -20 degrees and a baking 55 degrees Celsius. It comes with an extra long life battery that provides up to 26 hours of GPS operation.

Inclusion of red, amber and green keys dedicated to lone worker protection functions makes usage easy. The red key is for emergencies. When pressed it speed dials operators at the SitexOrbis 24/7 alarm receiving centre who will summon help as necessary. The amber key lets the centre know of potential danger and the green key can be used to signal that all is well. A man-down feature can be set to trigger a panic alarm if the user falls or if there is no movement over an extended period.

The key pad is designed to be used with gloved or wet hands. The extra loud speaker is specifically designed to be heard over loud machinery.

Simon Wainewright, director at SitexOrbis, said: “The XP3 Sentinel is the toughest dedicated lone worker protection mobile phone in the world. It is an excellent partner for SitexOrbis code5®. Its robustness backed up by a three-year warranty represents great value for our clients when other mobiles may need to be replaced after 12 months because of damage and shorter warranty periods. The XP3 Sentinel will withstand the rigours experienced by staff in engineering, construction and other harsh conditions and is also very suitable for those at risk of physical attack like parking attendants and security staff.”

The XP3 Sentinel and SitexOrbis code5 service combined, meet the standards set out within BS8484, the standard for lone worker protection. SitexOrbis alarm receiving centre is accredited to BS5979 category II, the highest standard which in conjunction with BS8484 is recognised as guaranteeing police response in the future.

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