Long term partners work says Entatnet

Entanet has underlined the importance of partnerships to its success and pledged to continue working with its partners to help them meet their strategic goals. The company has recently completed an internal study into attitudes and ambitions of its key partners and concluded that long term commitment should be the number-one priority for the foreseeable future.

Darren Farnden, Entanet’s Head of Marketing, says that the feedback was resoundingly clear. “One of the main reasons that our partners continue to work with us is the stability we offer them. We are dedicated to developing our relationships, investing where it makes sense for them, and having realistic expectations. Of course, we want to keep on growing and so do our partners. But we have reasonable expectations of ourselves and them – and as a UK-based privately-owned company, we have the great advantage of being in control of our own ambitions.”

Entanet will continue to work closely with its partners, providing them with proactive account management and support and encouraging them to engage even more in their partnership, says Farnden. “We have excellent relationships with our partners and we are bringing more of them into our circle all the time. We are building partnerships over the long term and that’s what matters most to resellers – they want close engagement and an unassuming, intelligent and realistic approach, all of which they get from Entanet.”

Having achieved good levels of performance over the past two years, Entanet is planning to build on its strengths in 2013, says Farnden. “We’ve achieved decent levels of growth at a time when many comms providers have found it difficult just to stand still. Much of that is down to the investment we have made to future-proofing our NGN and the reliability and resilience that gives us, but mostly it’s due to the strength of our partnerships and that, more than anything, is what makes Entanet a strong business.”

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