Lookout Call App-eals to consumer market with personal safety alarm for the iPhone

The makers of Lookout Call, a lone worker safety system used by over 18,000 lone workers in the UK, are now targeting the consumer market with a personal alarm iPhone App.

The App, which is now available to purchase via the iTunes App store, is based on C3’s highly-regarded Lookout Call lone worker safety system, where users simply set a countdown timer and provide a spoken description of the activity that they are doing, including their location details.

An alarm is raised if the countdown expires, or if the user manually raises the alarm. This then triggers the Lookout Call system to contact nominated ‘responders’ who are telephoned and advised that the user requires assistance.

“We see huge potential for this iPhone App,” said Brian Caddy, sales manager Lookout Call. It is a simple, but effective, safety net that will appeal to a wide consumer base that needs reassurance that people will be alerted should something unexpected happen to either them, or their loved ones.”

The App works by charging customers for the countdown alarms they set, via a credits system. Businesses that already use Lookout Call will be able to use the iPhone App for free.

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