Lycamobile brand is first for innovative train wrap service

Concourse Initiatives has launched the UK’s first full planning and production service on train liveries with Lycamobile as its first advertiser.

Lycamobile has partnered with Concourse Initiatives to launch the UK’s first fully wrapped train livery service. Lycamobile booked fully vinyl-wrapped trains as part of a wider rail marketing communications campaign with Concourse Initiatives that will run across key commuter routes over the next months.

The high-profile campaign is set to target passengers travelling on First Capital Connect between Bedford and Brighton (via Gatwick Airport) as well as London Overground between Clapham and Stratford, and lastly West Croydon and Dalston Kingsland.

“This is an innovative opportunity to increase the visibility of Lycamobile to national and international audiences during what will be dubbed as the most memorable summer for London. Lycamobile’s value proposition ensures that customers are able to stay in touch with their families and friends anywhere in the world at an affordable rate. Customers will be able to call home with our fantastic rates from as low as 1p per minute” commented Milind Kangle Lycamobile CEO.

Mark Hockney from Concourse Initiatives commented, “Train liveries are a visually stunning way to communicate with rail passengers, an upmarket, highly connected audience. Our planning and production service will bring a new flexibility to train liveries, opening up a stunning communication channel for brands on key commuter routes. The latest research shows that passengers use their phone during their commute each day, making Lycamobile’s campaign particularly relevant.”

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