m-hance Launches Integrated Mobile Document Management

m-hance has announced the launch of m-hance Dynamic Documents, an integrated mobile document management system which is compatible with tablet and smartphone devices.

m-hance Dynamic Documents replaces time-consuming manual processes by allowing businesses to quickly store, access, create and distribute all types of documentation in a unified and secure electronic filing structure. Built around a familiar web client, the system can be used to easily process and manage MS Office documents, scanned-in paperwork (invoices, purchase orders etc), emails, JPEG images in addition to videos, CAD drawings and PDFs, significantly improving efficiency by eliminating paper.

Andrew Hayward, Chief Operating Officer of m-hance, says, “Dynamic Documents is a user-friendly, flexible and scalable solution that combines the latest mobile technology making it suitable for SMEs and large enterprise organisations who wish to improve productivity and compliance. By completely removing the need to print, handle and circulate paper, Dynamic Documents frees-up vital storage space and provides additional efficiency savings which will repay the investment businesses make in months rather than years.”

As well as significantly improving efficiency by streamlining back-office processes, Dynamic Documents aids compliance by providing an entire audit trail and revision history of an organisation’s correspondence, preventing vital documentation from ever being destroyed or mislaid. In addition, the system’s advanced security features provide flexible role-based access controls which allows permissions to be set at document level. This ensures businesses can publish potentially sensitive content by highlighting and hiding restricted text that only authorised users can view.

Hayward comments, “By enabling documents to be easily communicated and shared using internal messaging and workflow tools, Dynamic Documents is so much more than just a sophisticated archiving and retrieval tool. The system’s robust security features allow documents to be encrypted and only made available to those who are authorised to access them, whilst ensuring every action performed is recorded in a comprehensive audit trail to ensure businesses remain fully compliant.”

Hayward adds, “Organisations can also be reassured that m-hance has an experienced and knowledgeable DMS team who can provide expert advice on how best to organise the management of their business documents, which is key as their information requirements grow.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine

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