M12 Provide Local Loop Unbundled Internet Service

Hampshire based telecoms and internet firm, M12 Solutions is delighted to announce that it is investing in the equipment to provide a local loop unbundled Internet service from the Basingstoke and Winchester telephone exchanges.

M12 is also using the timing to launch its service brand, Giganet which will become synonymous for the best that an Internet service can be, in consistency and quality customer service support.

For M12 Solutions, Managing Director Andrew Skipsey says, “When we launched our successful rural Internet brand, Wessex Internet, little did we realise that we would be able to generate such a strong identity, clear culture and values, which have since helped us to distinguish ourselves as being the best at what we do in the country. With Giganet we want to provide the same outstanding customer service and top quality products and services to new customers, who will get our connection via the new Openreach cabinets and fibre last mile service.” Andrew continues, “Fortunately this investment means we will have lower prices for business customers and a better, more local level of support for residential customers who want our superfast Internet.”

M12’s massive 10Mb backhaul to its London core where its customers benefit from reliability and resilience alongside M12’s direct connections to all the main content providers. Technical Director of M12 Solutions, Matthew Skipsey explains, “M12 Solutions have built a fully resilient core in London which serves M12’s business customers and our Wessex Internet customer data. Built to operate at high capacity, the service sends and receives an enormous 250 terabytes of data per month, which is very reassuring for our new Hampshire customers. We can provide a phone service overlay and additional discounts for business customers who opt for our lines and calls package and energy. Matthew continues, “All customers want is great value, top quality and a customer service team who have a track record of great customer care. With this project, we can help ensure business and residential customers don’t have to deal with the impersonal and monolithic big names.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine