M12 Solutions joins LINX

M12 Solutions and Wessex Internet have now officially joined the London Internet Exchange, also known as LINX.

LINX is a neutral, mutually owned organisation of Internet service providers (ISPs) and content delivery service providers (CDSPs). With over 300 members collectively carrying the overwhelming majority of UK Internet traffic, LINX is the largest membership organisation for ISPs and CDSPs in the UK.

This means that we are now part of an elite group of ISPs who are able to provide our customers with direct links to a number of major websites including Google, Microsoft, Netflix, Apple, BBC and Dropbox. These direct links mean that rather than our traffic going from our network, on a route through various intermediary networks and then to the site they choose, for example Google, it goes straight from our network to Google. This provides greater resilience, reduced latency and better performing solutions to customers.

Pictured: Matthew Skipsey with M12 Solutions/Wessex Internet’s Certificate of Membership to LINX

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine