M12 Success Leads to Hampshire

M12 Solutions have today learned that following on from the success of the initiative to businesses across the county of Dorset, their scheme administrators have agreed to manage an extension of the Super Connected Cities Grant. The scheme will now include the Hampshire businesses who are outside of the existing Southampton and Portsmouth schemes.

M12 Solutions’ Managing Director, Andrew Skipsey, says “In Dorset we have processed dozens of new connections grant applications which is making a huge difference to our new Wessex Internet business customers. We have been able to extend our fibre to the mast coverage with the new installations often having a by-product of improving residential connections as well. In Hampshire, we don’t yet have such a network and we will have to rely on getting new fibre backhaul from Openreach to then distribute to nearby business properties by radio. There is no doubt that we will have to move quickly with the £40m fund rapidly running out and with projects needing completion by next spring. Unfortunately, it looks like we can only work tactically to secure what we can. If there was a larger fund available for a sensible duration then we could make a strategic decision to look to emulate our Dorset success story with Wessex Internet.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine