M2M Launches VoIP Partition Service

m2m Wholesale has launched a VoIP partition service aimed at helping new and existing service providers to speed up their entry into the voice market.

Based on NexTone’s MSX platforms, m2m say they provide a resilient managed service, where customers can pick-and-mix the features they wish match to their current business requirements. The spectrum of services ranges from a simple VoIP partition to allow termination of IP trunks to a fully managed service, including 24 hour support and itemised billing to the end customer. m2m also own a Lexicomm hosted IPBX which can branded to allow the customer to launch their own hosted voice services and gain rapid entry into the voice market.

Phil Marshman, Managing Director says “The hosted voice over IP market has been promising a lot in recent years, but has lacked the compelling reason for small businesses to justify making the change. The clever companies seem to be concentrating on the development and delivery of telephony enabled applications that make a real difference to their customer’s productivity and to the end customer’s business process, leaving the back office function of routing calls telephony to companies with established networks. This approach ties the end user into the application and not the me too dial tone associated features.”

Marshman goes on to say “New entrants to the voice market can be romanced by the sheer size and value that the next generation voice opportunity presents, but can massively under estimate the time, cost, effort and expertise involved in setting up and running a Telco grade voice termination service. By using our managed service customers have the choice of using their own interconnects or benefiting from our volume relationships with top tier carriers.”

The m2m model is simple, customers can outsource as much or as little of the m2m managed service to match their business needs. m2m customers range from wholesale minutes resellers, who take a partition on the NexTone servers, to service providers who take a fully managed retail voice offering. All management can be done remotely via the web.

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