M2M Technologies Break into Car Market

It has become a common scenario that providers of mobility services are offering smartphone apps in accompaniment to their services (such as carsharing, car rental and shared parking); however the vast majority are still using keys, chip cards and other legacy identification media for access management.

With the BlueID Software Development Kit (SDK) by baimos technologies, mobility service providers can upgrade their mobility apps for complete digital control. This means that a mobile parking app can now, for instance, open a parking barrier, or a carsharing app can unlock and start a carsharing vehicle. These commands are executed securely in a split-second by the push of a button in the equipped smartphone app. The command is sent from the app to the object over short-range wireless standards such as Bluetooth Smart (formerly known as Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy), WiFi and NFC, meaning that even in an area with no reception or Internet access, commands can always be executed.

The BlueID SDK transforms both new and existing smartphone apps into a digital access medium, thus removing the need for chip cards or manual key handover. The upgrade is quick, easy and is a compelling solution which effectively averts any development risks. Furthermore, an app upgraded with the BlueID SDK enables providers of mobility solutions to scale their business model to a new dimension.

BlueID is also available for integration into new and existing M2M devices based on Java and OSGi frameworks.

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David Dungay

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