MACH launches Roaming Margin Analysis

MACH, provider of hub-based mobile communication solutions, has announced the launch of the industry’s first automated solution that allows mobile operators to quickly compare their wholesale roaming inter-operator tariffs (IOTs) with interconnect termination rates.

The MACH Roaming Margin Analysis (RMA) solution gives operators a clear picture of the true wholesale margins they are making on international roaming, enabling them to optimise their volume commitments and hence, their roaming business operations.

Without a timely means of comparing interconnect termination rates to IOTs, operators potentially risk losing money on their roaming business. Roaming margin analysis ensures that operators can quickly align IOTs with interconnect termination fees. It allows them to secure an accurate view of their wholesale roaming margins across all destinations, without the need for time consuming manual calculations or the requirement to try to reconcile disparate data sources.

Artur Michalczyk, chief product officer at MACH, commented: “Understanding the wholesale margins they are generating on roaming is essential for operators to optimise their business operations. Traditionally, however, this was either impossible, or the manual approach required to obtain, analyse and action this information would take several weeks to complete, during which time operators run the risk of losing money on their roaming margins. Our Roaming Margin Analysis solution, launched as part of our Wholesale Service Bureau, provides accurate and actionable output in minutes, delivering both time and cost savings for operators and allowing them to optimise their roaming business immediately.”

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