Macheen Launches Global Service Platform for Connected Devices

Macheen formally launched today and announced the general availability of its global service platform for Internet-included connected devices.

Backed by DFJ Mercury, a partner in the DFJ Global Network of venture funds with a total of $7 billion capital under management, Macheen makes it possible for consumer device manufacturers and retailers to ship products already connected to the Internet, right out of the box, across multiple countries and regions.

Consumers enjoy no-hassle connectivity; network operators expand their wholesale business via the booming “consumer machine-to-machine” (consumer M2M) market; and device makers and retailers brand their services and cement ongoing relationships with their end users.

Macheen’s comprehensive, end-to-end solution is built on a unique, scalable, cloud-based service platform and a global set of network operator relationships. Device makers and retailers sign on as tenants of Macheen’s platform and work with Macheen to customise its whitelabel, pre-connected broadband data service to best fit their device rollout plans.

Macheen manages the entire process, including payments, settlements, customer service and more. This allows the tenant to focus on providing a truly unique connectivity experience for its consumers. Macheen’s patent pending technology enables new content business models for always connected laptops, tablets and other consumer electronics devices.

“We are in the beginning stages of a massively connected world,” said Ned Hill, Managing Director at startup capital firm DFJ Mercury. “Some estimate there will be more than 1.5 billion non-phone connected consumer devices by 2014 and a significant attendant increase in communications and connected services on those devices. Macheen is at the forefront of enabling these services with an innovative platform that can unlock the broader market opportunity for all players in the eco-system.”

Dell has chosen Macheen to power its new integrated mobile broadband service, Dell NetReady, available on select Dell laptops in Germany, with plans to roll out to other regions in 2011. NetReady offers flexible, pre-connected Internet with no commitment, great value and one click access. “Service by Macheen” ensures Dell customers have mobile broadband network access through a new platform built on a series of Macheen’s wholesale broadband agreements with various leading network operators and related software and services.

Macheen’s service platform eliminates the need for device makers and retailers to invest upfront or manage telco complexity multiplied on a global stage. It scales across multiple regions and countries, providing the opportunity for tenants to focus on the services that will build lasting, profitable customer relationships.

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