Magnetic North gets Patent Approved

The UK patent office has granted Magnetic North a patent for its Mobile Number Screening technology, which can increase mobile connect rates by up to 40% for telemarketing and outbound campaigns. This unique feature allows Magnetic North’s cloud contact centre to interrogate the network status of mobiles before calling them, eliminating time wasted trying to connect calls to mobiles that are identified as invalid, switched off or roaming.

Outbound contact centre operations are increasingly calling mobile numbers rather than traditional landlines. But with one in three mobile phones typically switched off or roaming overseas, connections to mobiles are much lower, leading to significant wasted time. Magnetic North’s Mobile Number Screening feature, which can recognise mobile phone numbers in mobile networks worldwide, solves this problem, Magnetic North has screened tens of millions of mobile numbers since the feature was introduced in 2012. This has a serious impact on contact centre KPIs. For customers this means greater talk time leading to a significant uplift in sales or successful call outcomes, as well as improved productivity for frontline agents.

In addition, Magnetic North’s Mobile Number Screening helps alleviate the problem of ‘silent calls’ highlighted by Ofcom and the FCC, since agents are not tied up on unnecessary calls. Mobile Number Screening should be published in the Patents Journal on 25th January 2015.

David Ford, Managing Director of Magnetic North explains: “As a cloud contact centre provider we are committed to finding innovative solutions to the real-world problems our customers are facing. We dedicate a significant proportion of our revenues to Research & Development, with more than half of our staff actively involved in R&D. This ensures that our customers get maximum benefit from cutting edge developments and our deep telephony knowledge. Mobile number screening is a great example of this and our customers tell us it represents the first genuine breakthrough in outbound contact technology for a long time.

“Our connected status as a telecoms carrier and ISP in our own right is what makes us able to develop and deliver this kind of leading edge technology. And it is available to all users of our cloud contact centre meaning customers don’t need to pay for expensive on-premise upgrades in order to gain a competitive edge.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine