Mainline strengthens dealer prospects

Mainline Digital Communications has introduced accompanied appointments for its dealers.

The service helps to strengthen the dealer proposition by emphasising the close relationship with the network, enhancing the profile of the dealer.

Larger business customers are becoming increasingly aware of what is available to them in the market place, and that competition for their business is fierce. Mainline’s service is designed to help its dealers break through the clutter and get their proposition noticed for the quality and value of its offer.

The Orange distributor has a team of highly experienced sales executives available to support its dealers by accompanying them on visits to prospective customers, thus helping to sell in the benefits of the network and provide expert advice and support throughout the proposition process.

“We’ve already had some tremendous successes with the service,” said Gail Hollinshead, Mainline’s director of dealer sales. “By taking an additional representative that works so closely with the network, dealers have the opportunity to strengthen their profile through this relationship.

“It’s encouraging for both the dealer and Mainline’s sales team to work together to get the desired results, and we’ve had many repeat requests from dealers who have used the service during our initial trial period. Based on these results we’re excited about offering this across the board to all our dealers, and we’re looking forward to working with them to win new business and secure those quality corporate customers.”

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