Mainline’s Datashare provides its dealers with 15,000 upgrade opportunities

Orange distributor, Mainline Digital Communications is supplying a Datashare service to its dealers to enable them to identify customers eligible for an upgrade ahead of their loyalty period to help retain their connections and lock out the competition.

Mainline regularly supplies its dealers with upgrade data, which comes both directly from Orange and from Mainline’s own systems. The data is distributed via its online account management tool, iManage, in a downloadable format.

Since Mainline began its Datashare service, 70% of Mainline dealers have received monthly upgrade data providing approximately 15,000 upgrade opportunities.

“Mainline’s commercial package for upgrades is much stronger and arguably the best in the market place,” commented Gail Hollinshead, Mainline’s director of dealer sales. “This along with the Datashare initiative has helped to grow Mainline’s upgrade connections by 32%.

“We offer unrivalled levels of support and service and are always looking at ways to improve our service offering to our dealers and help them to grow their business,” added Hollinshead.

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