Maintel Achieve ISO20000

Maintel has become one of the very few businesses – five in fact – in its industry to achieve ISO20000, the International Standard for service management.

Based on ITIL fundamentals, Maintel’s Managed Service catalogue has been developed specifically with Enterprise Communications and Contact Centre in mind.

Kevin Stevens, Group Operations Director at Maintel, said: “As is the way with an important accreditation, ISO20000 took a lot of time and hard work to achieve. Whilst much of the standard was business as usual for us, we had to be extremely thorough in our process and standards review, and consequently we can offer our clients an even more rigorously policed service.

“The pay-off for all that time and effort is that achieving the standard underlines Maintel’s credibility and is a big tick in the box for Maintel’s Managed Service proposition.

“As one of just 100 companies across all sectors in the UK which has attained this certification, we become part of a service management elite. Add to that our existing ISO9000 certification for quality management and ISO27001 certification for information security, and Maintel more than demonstrates its pedigree in Managed Services sector. Maintel is ambitious in this area of its business and we fully expect to become even more competitive as a result of attaining the new certification.”

Managed Services is, in essence, the practice of outsourcing day-to-day management responsibilities as a strategic method for improving operations. The practice is widely adopted in the IT sector, enabling businesses to concentrate on their core activities and using specialist providers such as Maintel to manage operational support.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine