Major UK review of science welcomed by mobile phone network operators

The UK mobile phone network operators today welcomed the publication of the report of the independent Advisory Group on Non Ionising Radiation (AGNIR). AGNIR has found no convincing evidence of a health risk to the public from mobile phone technology.

Commenting on the general conclusions of the report, John Cooke, Executive Director of the Mobile Operators Association said: “Mobile phones have now been around for 30 years or so, while base stations produce radio-frequency (RF) exposure similar to those used by radio transmitters, which have been operating since the 1920s. The public will be reassured by AGNIR’s conclusion that there is still no convincing evidence that mobile phones cause adverse health effects, despite almost two decades of research involving a large number of studies.”

“There are now over 81 million mobile connections in the UK. Over 4.8 million customers now access mobile broadband services via a laptop and dongle, smartphone, or tablet, and 32 per cent of UK adults use their mobile phones for internet access. Mobile phones are an essential part of our daily lives, bringing huge benefits to individuals, communities and businesses across the country. In the 21st century, mobile networks are a vital part of our national infrastructure, supporting economic growth.”

“The UK mobile network operators are supporting further research, such as the international COSMOS study (Cohort Study on Mobile Phone Use and Health) into long-term use of mobile phones and health.”

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