Majority of iPhone Users Unimpressed with Apple’s Rumoured Changes

New research from the UK’s leading discount website has revealed that the majority of British iPhone owners are unimpressed with the rumour that Apple’s newest iPhone model will use a different charging socket, with 32% saying that it might deter them from buying the product.

It would appear that the latest Apple rumours are quite unpopular amongst consumers, as the majority of British iPhone owners have admitted that they are unimpressed with the news that the newest iPhone model could have a different charging socket, rendering all current iPhone accessories useless.

The study, conducted by, polled a total of 1,858 iPhone owners as part of research into how Brits feel about new releases from Apple.

Respondents were initially asked what they thought of the proposed changes. MyVoucherCodes asked ‘How do you feel about the proposed changes to the iPhone 5?’ and were shown a list, to which the majority, 57%, said that they were ‘unimpressed’. However, 28% said that they ‘didn’t care’.

Those that said they were ‘unimpressed’ with the rumoured change were asked to elaborate. 61% said that they were annoyed that the change would render all their current iPhone accessories (such as in car chargers and iTrips) obsolete.

Those polled that admitted that they didn’t care about the changes were asked why this was the case. 47% said that they didn’t mind because a new phone would come with a charger, whilst 24% said that they didn’t own many Apple products.

When asked if the rumoured change would affect their decision on purchasing an iPhone 5, 32% said that it would.

Mark Pearson, Chairman of, stated “It’s interesting to hear the feedback from consumers on the rumoured iPhone updates, and it’s not surprising to hear that the majority of people are unimpressed. With the number of Apple products owned by people in the UK, the number of accessories that would become useless would be pretty significant!”

“It’s important to remember that it’s only a rumour and that the newest iPhone could end up using the same charger as the iPhones do now! Mobile phone accessories can get pretty expensive, so if you’re looking to make savings, check out MyVoucherCodes for any discounts that might be available.” Mark added.

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