Make a Killing on Contracts with Chess

Channel focused Chess Telecom is helping telecoms dealers stare the credit crunch in the eye by going in for the kill with a gripping new scheme that pays up to a breath-taking 500% up front cash on contracts.

Chess Telecom’s Contract Killer scheme has been launched at a particularly opportune moment for telecoms dealers. The current economic doom and gloom means businesses are looking to cut costs wherever possible. This presents Smarter partners with a great deal of opportunity for growth, by offering businesses crucial savings on their telecoms and reaping their own rewards in commissions.

In the past Chess Telecom has paid a single commission model, combining industry leading upfront and ongoing recurring revenue commissions. It wanted to offer an alternative to enable partners to cash in on the wealth of fixed line opportunity that they may currently be missing out on and grab market share during the credit crunch.

The Contract Killers scheme was therefore launched to give new and existing partners the choice between a mix of ongoing commissions with 100% up front, or the ‘cash today’ upfront only model offering up to 500%.

“We wanted to launch an aggressive commissions offer to target PBX, IT and mobile dealers whose commodities are largely cash generative and somewhat diminished in the current climate,” said Sales Director Warren Pryer. “We came up with the idea to help mitigate any short term losses by paying upfront cash for fixed line contracts. Dealers in these sectors are used and they are used to getting large upfront payments for contracts to so we believe our Contract Killers scheme will fit well with their existing business models.”

The launch of Chess Telecom’s Contract Killers scheme is part of its ongoing strategy of growth of its Smarter Partner base. By providing partners with the opportunity to get up to 500% up-front commissions Chess has managed to gain a competitive edge and the offer has already had a fantastic response from mobile and fixed line dealers, itching to get their hands on the cash.

Earning significant up-front commissions is just one of the benefits Smarter Partners can get with Chess Telecom. It also runs various Smarter Partner incentives such as the recent Fast Cars, Fast Money scheme that gave them the chance to drive the ultimate supercars at PalmerSport as well as collect their share of £100,000 on top of their normal industry leading commissions. Chess Telecom’s latest incentive means Smarter Partners earn High Street vouchers for mobile and fixed line deals to help them with their Christmas shopping!

“I’ve always believed that where there’s adversity there’s opportunity,” said Chess Chief Executive, David Pollock. “Every business in the UK is looking at how they can reduce costs at the moment, they’d be mad if they weren’t, and now is definitely the time for Smarter Partners to make the most of the opportunity this creates. We have a set of ground breaking tariffs and fantastic commission models that will help everyone ride out the recession with cash for contracts.”

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