Manchester Metronet Launches Wireless IP Broadband Network

Manchester Metronet has announced the completion of a revolutionary secure wireless broadband network covering the City of Manchester which, the company claims, points the way forward for any City intent upon enhancing urban security and general network services.

Working in partnership with Manchester City Council, NCP and The Greater Manchester Police, Manchester Metronet has proven the unparalleled robustness and capacity of its wireless network by supporting live video streaming of CCTV images across the City; an application that is beyond the capability of the many WiMax initiatives currently being launched. Indeed, the Company now claims significant advantages over legacy networks previously used to connect CCTV cameras to central site monitoring points.

The company says early adopters of the network have experienced a quality of service that is on a par with powerful fibre optic circuits; previously considered essential in order to support the constant bandwidth requirement that the application demands. It is virtually impossible to distinguish between images relayed via Manchester Metronet’s secure broadband wireless network and those transmitted across high capacity fixed fibre. Add a Service Level Agreement that commits the Company to providing 99.98% availability and the technical case is made for Manchester Metronet.

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