Many Organisations are still oblivious to benefits of UC

A recent study finds a significant number of companies do not understand how Unified Communications technology works and are ignorant of the benefits it can provide

Despite the excess of media coverage devoted to advances in Unified Communications (UC) and VoIP technology a Butler Group* study has found that organisations are increasingly unsure of the business benefits it can provide. The study found that a common perception of UC was of a technology used simply as a useful tool for the reduction of communications costs. In addition, the study found that even those implementing this technology were often ignorant of the real advantages it offers.

Suresh Punjabi, managing director at CC ( – an independent consultancy and convergence integrator, specialising in voice, data and call centre solutions – believes that it is time for companies to wake up to the reality of what UC networks can offer. “This technology really can change the way you do business for the better. Too many people see it simply as a way to reduce costs or as a straight swap for their current communications infrastructure when it really does offer so much more. Correct implementation of UC has the power to remove geographical constraints and we are currently witnessing the rise of the ‘virtual’ office as a result of this. In addition, continuity and innovation are improved while communications are simplified allowing employees to operate under one single identity rather than using different directories for their voice, data, IM, video and email.”

“The Butler Group’s “Unified Communications and Collaboration Report: Laying the foundations for Business Process Flexibility and Innovation” shows that organisations should be consulting with independent experts in order to identify the ways in which UC can improve processes and add value. Those considering the adoption of UC technology should do this not just to find out about the benefits they can receive but also how to avoid any potential pitfalls. There are a range of issues which businesses regularly fail to consider when they integrate their voice and data networks and these can often negate any of the original benefits which they hoped to receive,” concluded Punjabi.

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