Mayflex Launches New CL-Amp Product

Mayflex, the cabling infrastructure, networking and IP physical security solutions distributor has exclusively launched the new CL-Amp product saying this unique offering significantly enhances the Sinetica branded product portfolio from Unite Technologies, with its non-invasive AC electrical current monitoring technology, which greatly improves the drive for energy efficiency for legacy data centres.

The design enables CL-Amp to be placed directly over a power cable with a choice of locking-ring collars in various international sizes provided as standard. The light-weight device is designed to be installed at any convenient location on the cable increasing visibility of power demand in a cost-effective, non evasive manner.

John Twidell, Cabling Infrastructure Sales Manager at Mayflex comments: “This new technology will give companies far greater control over their ability to monitor and manage their power and cooling capacity in data centres, computer rooms and PC environments. A key benefit is that installers do not have to request a scheduled power downtime normally associated with traditional monitoring technologies, or indeed the expense that installing a complete electrical current monitoring system of old, would involve. With the new CL-Amp product, installation can take place quickly and easily without any disruption to power. “

Twidell continues: “The ‘green’ issue has played a big part in the design of this technology, as its installation allows IT and data centre managers to make better informed decisions about risk analysis and the continual demand to keep their costs down, which contributes towards the push for more energy efficient workplaces in the 21st century.”

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