McAfee Enterprise and FireEye launch Trellix

McAfee Enterprise and FireEye have announced the launch of Trellix, a new cybersecurity company arising from the two companies’ previously announced merger in October 2021.

Trellix is part of US-based private equity firm Symphony Technology Group, which has a portfolio of more than 35 global companies.

Revealed today, the new post-merger brand promises to provide a comprehensive cybersecurity platform building on the expertise of both organisations, offering extended detection and response (XDR) with a focus on accelerating technology innovation through machine learning and automation.

Comms Business caught up with Adam Philpott, chief revenue officer at Trellix (pictured above), who explained that the new company’s mission is to try to solve a broader, significant cybersecurity challenge rather than just ‘near-to, niche’ problems — in order to help businesses grow and confidently digitise.

“All of our clients are using technology to improve the way they engage with their customers, or to improve their internal processes,” Philpott said. “We’re trying to help them do that, because as they do that they’re exposed to risks in the cyber domain and it’s those risks we’re trying to help them mitigate.

“They embrace more cloud, they have more virtual workloads, they work from home across home networks … it’s a much more expanded and frankly complex attack surface. Our job is to help them manage that, not just as we see today, but as it evolves tomorrow and over time.”

Trellis’ XDR ecosystem will offer customers the ability to ingest over 600 native and open security technologies, the company announced, providing security analysts with better insight and more control.

“We see a massive opportunity for partners here,” Philpott said. “The partners can help tie together a lot of that telemetry … they can tie together a huge number of different capabilities that we can provide to them, natively made to work together really powerfully, but they can also integrate some of the other capabilities that customers have that may be beyond the things that we provide.”

He added that in terms of moving up the value stack, he sees it as a prime area for delivering managed services, taking the entire system orchestration and providing regular insights to organisations on what they’re seeing from the organisation’s surrounding threat landscape.

“We’ll absolutely engage with our partners in our innovation cycle to ensure that the managed services capabilities we provide them are what they need to run an appropriate managed service for their clients as well,” he told Comms Business.

“There’s real opportunity, if you’re a joint partner of McAfee and FireEye, to see that technology come together to deliver that as a managed service more effectively than ever before. If you’ve been a partner of one or the other, there [are] some nice additional technologies you can deliver to your clients to help them bring out that XDR architecture.”

Trellix’s CEO, Bryan Palma, has an extensive background in cybersecurity and includes CISO at PepsiCo amongst his previous roles.

“Having someone who natively understands the challenges — doesn’t assume the world hasn’t changed since he was a CISO, who listens to our clients but also natively understands them — that sets a real positive direction for us in terms of how we create customer value,” Philpott concluded.

In a statement revealing the new brand identity, CEO Palma said that a strong security foundation is required as today’s organisations push to achieve digital transformation, ensuring continued innovation, growth and resiliency.

“Trellix’s XDR platform protects our customers as we bring security to life with automation, machine learning, extensible architecture and threat intelligence,” he said.

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