MCI Managed Service Contract

MCI has announced it has provided Storagetek, the leading provider globally of enterprise information lifecycle management solutions, with a fully-managed Private IP solution across Europe. This European rollout represents the final phase of a global migration from Frame Relay to a fully-managed Private IP MPLS based solution which MCI has already successfully implemented for Storagetek across Asia Pacific and Latin America.

Storagetek needed the ability to seamlessly link its 45 city sites in Europe with its sites in Asia, Latin America and Canada to allow for the timely, secure and reliable delivery of data services between these regions in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Storagetek’s decision to invest in MCI’s Managed Private IP network and Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) for its European network enables them to benefit from the quality and reach of MCI’s wholly-owned public IP network. This allows Storagetek’s global traffic to stay on a single backbone from source to destination, providing a simpler, more efficient network which benefits from lower latency and industry-leading SLAs.

“MCI’s commitment to the relationship and the extremely high level of performance of the network has been genuinely impressive. We anticipate recouping the installation costs incurred in the European rollout phase of the project in approximately six months and we have managed to almost quadruple our bandwidth for the same yearly financial investment paid out on our previous network,” said Kieron McGarry, IT Director, Storagetek.

McGarry continued: “A key element in our evaluation criteria in selecting MCI as our provider was MCI’s global coverage and the high availability and high performance of the network. MCI’s expertise in account management on a global basis and its ability to simplify the billing across all our sites through a centralized billing mechanism were additional differentiators. MCI’s solution offered a fully resilient service with the ability to upgrade or change bandwidth easily and with minimal disruption. It also enables us to leverage future Voice over IP (VoIP) capabilities and provides Storagetek with the ability to communicate efficiently within the “any-to-any” global network cloud.”

“MCI’s Private IP solution will support Storagetek’s future growth,” said Stuart Curzon, VP Sales and Service UK and Ireland, MCI Europe. “As networking applications demand ever greater bandwidth and performance, MCI’s Managed Private IP solution supports these requirements with robust features like multiple Class of Service (CoS) options. This means that when Storagetek decides to implement real-time or business-critical applications like VoIP, video or ERP MCI’s Managed Private IP solution we will be there to deliver.”

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