MDSL Introduces TEM Vision – entry-level Global Telecom Expenses Management for the Enterprise

MDSL today announced TEM Vision, its new entry-level global Telecom Expense Management (TEM) system for Enterprise customers everywhere.

TEM Vision is a completely new concept for the introduction of TEM solutions into large organisations and is designed to eliminate the risk in what can sometimes be seen as a business gamble – TEM Vision allows enterprises to instantly visualize exactly how much – and precisely where – they spend money on mobile and fixed telecoms services right across their global environment. This is the vital first step on the TEM journey. Once you see and understand your actual spending patterns, you are able to take the next step and achieve the significant savings which can be made with a smart TEM implementation.

TEM Vision enables the low-cost, low-risk, speedy and high-value deployment of TEM solutions, with a rapid return on investment for all fixed cost and mobile and wireless devices. It also comes with a range of optional business application modules to further enhance its functionality and performance. TEM Vision is fully upgradeable to the full MDSL TEM product, meaning that organisations can use it to prove the value of TEM to their business before advancing to more powerful TEM solutions as their business grows.

Tim Colwell, Research Director of leading independent information provider AOTMP commented: “There are a number of enterprises which believe the process of implementing TEM is a time-consuming, resource-draining activity. TEM Vision alleviates both of these concerns by significantly simplifying the process and allowing organizations to implement TEM quickly… (With TEM Vision) MDSL has provided a feature-rich entry-level product at an extremely competitive price.”

Delivered over the Cloud as a SaaS solution, TEM Vision is ready to use “out of the box”. The customer can simply input their telecom inventory data, using pre-defined Excel-based templates that ship with the solution. The built-in TEM Vision dashboard reports then immediately deliver complete visibility of the business’ total telecom spend across all regions and areas of the business. TEM Vision is built using the same software platform as MDSL’s -featured TEM solutions, with full multi-currency and multi-language support.

Commenting in a recent article, Yves Ernie, TEM Managed Services Global Lead for Accenture said: “The introduction into the market of entry-level telecom expense management solutions by companies such as MDSL is to be welcomed. It means that Chief Information Officers don’t have to worry about spending a fortune on a TEM implementation which may not prove effective or may be too expensive – they can try it out with the low cost, scaled-down version of the full solution.

He continued: “With the explosion of mobiles, smartphones and tablets into the enterprise, the emphasis has shifted from the management of laptops and workstations to the solution of the Bring-Your-Own-Device challenge. These entry-level systems are about giving visibility of the businesses telecom spend first and foremost – and being low-cost and easy-to-use are a good value-add. It is about… providing an entry-level solution which gives CIOs and managers an idea of what the next steps should be in their strategy.”

Hyoun Park, Principal Analyst, Nucleus Research1 said: “Visibility is the first step to successfully managing telecom expenses. TEM Vision provides an inexpensive and simple way for enterprises to engage in the discovery and visualization of telecom expenses. Companies seeking to cut multi-million dollar telecom budgets without making an enterprise-level investment should consider TEM Vision as a first step.”

Ben Mendoza, CEO of MDSL said: “We’ve developed TEM Vision in response to feedback from our customers and reseller partners, and those enterprises who have not yet been convinced that a full TEM implementation will work for them. We understand that, in the present economic climate, there is a risk inherent in any large software implementation. That is why we have produced TEM Vision: to demonstrate to potential clients that TEM can be a risk-free process. TEM Vision allows a business to test our award-winning solution with no risk. They will be able instantly to see the benefits of controlling their fixed and wireless telecom spend, and make a seamless move into a full TEM solution if they wish.

Mendoza said: “TEM Vision can also demonstrate the potential of MDSL’s solutions to help customers manage the proliferation of mobile devices. All businesses now have to manage a vast range of mobile devices, from iPhones to Windows devices, plus the numerous versions of tablet computer now flooding the market. We believe that any enterprise considering TEM needs to start by fully understanding and visualizing the scope of their TEM opportunity. TEM Vision shows the huge number of benefits vastly outweighs the perceived risk.”

The value of any TEM system is the accuracy of its data and you will find maintaining and keeping information up-to-date on TEM Vision easy to do. TEM Vision is extremely easy to maintain. If you decide you want to move to a more fully functional TEM Vision it is easily upgradable. TEM Vision gives you total visibility into your global telecom spend – Fixed and Wireless – putting you in control of all your telecom services and their costs.

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