MF Communications highlights recycling ignorance among UK corporates

Supplier of refurbished and remanufactured telecom equipment, MF Communications is celebrating its tenth straight year of increasing net profit. Managing partner Matt Emmins says that, despite increased awareness of ewaste, the number of UK corporates who have a policy regarding surplus telecoms equipment is shockingly low.

“We are particularly pleased to have kept our record of profitability through the depth of recession over the past two years”, said Emmins. “The US has laid down excellent standards for telecoms refurbishing and MF has openly emulated the best practices we witnessed there. The market for refurbished equipment is certainly growing in the UK but some of our biggest, most established brands simply do not plan for when their products and systems become obsolete. That is why so much ends up in landfill, when much of it could be remanufactured to good as new quality.”

The company will be attending the NATD European Conference 2010 in Paris, June 16th -18th where this is likely to be raised as a key issue. For the past five years MF Communications has been a member of The North American Association of Telecommunications Dealers (NATD), an international trade association comprised of ethical companies that provide voice and data communications products and services.

Emmins said: “The NATD meeting always provides excellent networking opportunities with businesses that share the same ethical approach. Key topics for discussion should include green policy in larger organisations and the Nortel purchase by Avaya. I strongly encourage other telecoms dealers to attend.”

This year MF Communications has achieved the esteemed ISO 14001 certificate for its environmental management system. This internationally recognised standard acknowledges that the business meets high environmental standards in the way it is run. The company takes a green approach through everything it does, from lighting the offices and ensuring logistics operate to environmental agency standards, to providing high quality refurbished equipment to customers.

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