Mformation announces partnership with Amdocs

Mformation Technologies, provider of advanced mobile device management (MDM) solutions, has announced that it has entered into a partnership with Amdocs to deliver sophisticated and effective mobile device support. Mformation technology is now integrated with Amdocs CES customer management solutions.

Seth Nesbitt, vice president, product and solutions marketing, Amdocs, commented: “Mobile devices and services are becoming increasingly complex, which makes providing profitable quality support for mobile customers a growing pain point for mobile operators. The combination of Mformation’s mobile device management technology with Amdocs’ leading customer management suite creates a new support solution for customer-care organizations within mobile operators.”

Combining the device management capabilities from Mformation with Amdocs’ customer management solutions ensures that mobile operators have full real time device visibility and access to critical subscriber and device information from one central customer care console. With this combined solution, mobile device visibility and diagnostics is seamlessly integrated into the workflow of the Amdocs customer management solution.

Said Adam Leech, Senior Analyst, Ovum: “Effective customer care is critical to enabling the continued growth of profitable mobile data services for operators. This can only be achieved successfully when the customer care agent has full real time visibility into the mobile devices in users’ hands. Combining the most sophisticated device management technology with the most advanced customer management tools delivers a powerful new solution to address this critical industry need.”

Smart devices are forecasted to dominate the mobile marketplace. There is an increasing array of advanced wireless services being promoted by mobile operators and being used by consumers and enterprises. At the same time, customer-care calls for device-based issues are increasing in both frequency and duration at many mobile operators around the globe. Mobile device management is the essential tool for supporting the effective diagnosis and rapid resolution of device-based customer issues.

Added Rowan Scranage, SVP of business development and strategy, Mformation: “Enabling customer care personnel in call centers to support mobile devices more quickly and effectively is a growing priority for mobile operators. Partnering with Amdocs combines the market-leading customer management solution with the most advanced market-leading mobile device technology, creating a winning combination that will significantly improve the experience of customers when they urgently need technical support.”

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