mformation brings security to computing devices over mobile networks

Mformation Technologies, a provider of advanced mobile device management (MDM) solutions, has announced that it is improving manageability and security of mobile PCs using Intel Anti-Theft Technology (Intel AT) combined with the Mformation OMA device management client (Open DM) to manage and disable mobile PCs over cellular networks once they are reported lost or stolen.

Rowan Scranage, SVP global business development and corporate strategy at Mformation, commented: “We see the computing segment as a key area for mobile device and security management, and want to bring a similar level of manageability to computing devices as we already bring to mobile devices. We are excited to work with Intel to combine their hardware-based Intel Anti-Theft Technology with our mobile device management technology to create a winning solution for this segment. We plan to provide this solution across a wide range of computing platforms.”

The solution combines Mformation’s own standards-based Open DM client with Intel Anti-Theft technology on the devices. The Open DM client executes below the operating system level and allows the computing devices to be more securely managed and supported over the cellular network.

Remote management of the computing device supports improved usage, reduced costs and compliance with security policies via a number of management capabilities: Lock the devices making it harder to access the network and data on the devices, a critical capability, especially for enterprises; Disable access to the devices remotely as the platform offers enhanced security by full platform disablement, which also reduces any incentive to default on subscriptions or contracts; Manage and enforce policies on the devices, including offloading data traffic onto WiFi; Ensure that IT Help Desk and customer care staff can diagnose problems easily and resolve support calls quickly; and more.
“Laptops and other mobile devices accessing corporate networks over wireless are becoming an accepted usage and a fast growing trend,” said George Thangadurai, general manager of Intel’s PC Client Services Division. “This creates a huge challenge for enterprises to protect and manage these devices. Intel Anti-Theft Technology capabilities together with Mformation’s client/server management technology combine a silicon-hardened device lock with other device manageability features, enabling enterprises and mobile operators to join forces enhancing device security.”

Mformation’s device management platform supports nearly 5,000 different mobile device models, with support for computing devices being added now. Computing devices are an important new category of supported devices. Mformation’s MDM platform is continually evolving to support new next-generation networks, devices and value-added services. Mformation’s extensive experience with OMA DM and other standards, and demonstrated leadership in managing standards-compliant mobile devices, are critical to the seamless management of computing devices.

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