Micro-P launches Financial Services

Micro-P, a wholly owned subsidiary of DCC plc and a retail and B2B distributor within the UK, is delighted to announce its new financial services delivering competitive and flexible solutions to the channel and ensuring partners have the right packages in place to secure more business.

Paul Bryan, Sales & Commercial Director at Micro-P said, “From the beginning of the ‘credit crunch’ financial institutions tightened the criteria by which they would lend money, making it very difficult to get finance at a reasonable price. Micro-P’s success is dependent on the success of our resellers and the channel was, and still is, being exposed to the cold reality of financial cut backs. It has been clear that user technology investments can only be delayed for so long and that there is a level of demand pent up in the system that needs unlocking. Micro-P therefore decided to put together a set of financial services for our channel that would ease those financial restrictions and help resellers secure more business.”

The launch of Micro-P Financial Services brings channel partners access to highly competitive and flexible solutions in which Micro-P work directly with funders, resellers and end users to maximise the number of deals closed.

Phil Brown, Commercial Director at Micro-P said, “There are two outstanding features for resellers right now; an exclusive Zero Per Cent finance offer on Samsung systems and a highly subsidised leasing package for NEC systems; both for qualified deals of more than £1k value and over a 36 month period.

In addition to these two offers Micro-P has direct access to highly competitive finance from a range of funders for the IT channel – even for end users that fall outside of what would normally be considered a safe risk. Micro-P’s team of finance specialist assess each of the applications received and propose the deal to the funder considered most suitable for that end user. We then work with the reseller to clear any obstacles, even visiting the end user if necessary, to get the deal cleared through finance. We want our reseller to win that deal!”

Other significant features of our financial services package include split leasing which can enhance reseller credit lines and terms from one to seven years.

For many end users who had elected to have lease purchase or HP deals the realisation that after three or four years their technology may no longer be capable of supporting their changing or growing business needs can be very frustrating. Micro-P however can provide a solution for the user to upgrade or extend their systems by allowing a proportion of their existing payments to be added to a new lease deal.

Micro-P also wanted to provide a finance package that met the needs of the solutions being sold today. For example, unified communications where there are many elements to be specified, configured and implemented by the reseller. The finance offerings cover the whole unified communications solution including hardware, software applications, configuration and installation costs all in one single lease package.

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