Microsoft Introduces Enterprise Mobility Suite

Microsoft has announced its new Enterprise Mobility Suite to provide cloud-based management for thousands of heterogenous mobile devices.

The new suite incorporates Microsoft Intune; a cloud-based Active Directory element and Azure rights management. In addition to the existing cross-platform, cloud-based MDM capability provided by Windows Intune and Windows Server System Center, the new Enterprise Mobility Suite will allow developers to use Microsoft Azure Mobile Services to develop apps for Windows, Android and iOS devices.

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, states that Microsoft’s goal is “to deliver the best cloud-connected experience on every device”.
Commenting on the announcement, Mícheál Ó Foghlú, CTO of mobile application platform provider, FeedHenry, said, “We welcome this announcement from Microsoft. It benefits everyone to have infrastructure enterprise IT workhorses, such as Microsoft Active Directory, gaining more mobile aware features, especially when they are cross-platform and support multiple mobile device operating systems”.

“Rather than managing the device, enterprises are now focused on controlling access to sensitive data as it moves between the enterprise and the device. MDM, app development and app distribution are linked by the common thread of data security. It makes sense to secure apps and devices and manage user policies through the same platform.”

“To get the best return on mobility, enterprises need to be able to quickly develop and securely deploy new applications to cross-platform devices, leveraging flexible middleware. FeedHenry believes that Node.js, an app development technology that Microsoft supports in Windows and in its Azure platform, is ideal for enabling this flexible access to internal enterprise APIs by new mobile solutions.”

“The FeedHenry mobile application platform was born in the cloud and has always supported the agile development and deployment of mobile apps for multiple OS and devices, underpinned by our use of Node.js. We can integrate with EMM, MDM and enterprise identity management systems, and we already have LDAP and Active Directory integration built into the platform. We have also been working with Xamarin to enable our customers to build apps using Microsoft development environments. This is great news for our development partners and enterprise customers.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine