Mid Market is a Glass Ceiling says Icon

Mark Shane Sales Manager at ICON believes that many good resellers hit a glass ceiling when they try to compete in the large business or enterprise market space. Typically they are excluded from bid lists because they don’t have a PBX solution which is significantly different from that offered by the established resellers in the space or, if they do, they cannot demonstrate a track record of integrating this with other vendors product into a Unified Communications (UC) solution which includes features such as voice recording, instant messaging, and personal status.

The key says Mark is to leapfrog the competition with a complete all in one UC solution such as the Wave IP and to back this up with a track record which shows competence in installation and support.

The integrated UC features of the Wave solution included as standard in the box means the reseller does not need to have skills in integrating solutions from different vendors. This in-the-box functionality means faster and easier installs, single vendor training and support, and guaranteed interoperability.

“In short” says Mark “Wave IP is the ideal solution for a reseller looking to move up into the large business or enterprise space. It is a highly scaleable and highly functional UC IP-PBX for both the small and large business. Master this solution in the SME space and you have the skills and the track record to compete in all markets”

The Wave IP range offers solutions for the small business with as few than 10 employees to solutions for an enterprise with hundreds of employees. It is ideally suited to the Channel Partner wanting a versatile solution to cover both the SME and large business. Wave IP is designed to be a versatile multi market space solution.

Most of all it is a solution which is cutting edge and comes with built in future proofing. The newest Wave IP platform, Wave 2 comes as software upgrade for the Wave IP 2500 and Wave IP 500 and sets a new standard for Unified Communications (UC) solutions. Wave 2 packs even more UC features into the Wave IP box including Mobile Extensions, Instant Messaging, Integrated Softphone, and Personal status. These features and many more are standard on all new Wave solutions but are available as a software upgrade for subscription customers with earlier versions of Wave IP 2500 and Wave IP 500.

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