MIG launches freephone cross network voice shortcodes for corporates

Mobile Interactive Group (MIG) has announced the launch of free five digit cross network voice shortcodes for mobile users. The service, powered by MIG’s Voice Gateway, enables brands to offer their consumers a free to call, simple and transparent experience for inbound calls from mobile phones.

Previously, consumers who have dialled 0800 numbers from a mobile device have been subject to significant surcharges (often in excess of 50 pence per minute). The launch of zero rated ‘five digit’, cross network voice shortcodes presents a huge opportunity to brands, call centres and large communications providers, plus also hugely benefits the end consumer, eliminating any mobile call charges, for example: Retailers – Shoppers will have the ability to check the status of their order, to check the delivery status of a product, to contact customer services and make product enquiries; Financial Services – Consumers will have the ability to make a balance enquiry, monitor activity in their personal account, make direct debit payments and all functions currently available via a landline service; Utility Services – Customers will be able to text or call in their meter readings, call to settle their bill or request a brochure (or other marketing collateral), plus talk with customer services; Call Centres – Offers communications providers, who have historically only offered landline services, the ability to offer the end consumer a free route of entry via mobile

Rob Weisz, Commercial Director, Mobile Interactive Group (MIG) commented “In 2010 UK consumers spent £1.9 billion calling non-geographic numbers such as 08 numbers, with the vast majority of calls coming from mobile phone users who are being hit with significant call charges in comparison to dialling similar numbers from a fixed landline.

“We’ve been working closely with the mobile network operators on our Voice Shortcode strategy and the capability to now offer a free to consumer voice shortcode opens up a plethora of opportunities – Enabling brands to build a more transparent and trusted relationship with their consumers via a free mobile service, whilst also keeping the consumers’ needs and experience front of mind. Customers can contact the brands they wish to purchase from and communicate with, safe in the knowledge they’re not being charged.”

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