Mimecast signs over 50 new legal customers in six months

70 of UK’s top 100 law firms now use Mimecast’s cloud email management services

Mimecast announced that it now works with 70 of the top 100 legal firms in the UK and around 130 of the top 200.

Recent additions to Mimecast’s portfolio of legal customers include SJ Berwin, Foot Anstey, Kingsley Napley, Weightmans and Russell Cooke.

Mimecast has signed up 50 new law firms in the last six months and also significantly increased its market presence in UK chambers, with over 25 now Mimecast customers. The Bar Council of England and Wales are one of the latest to use Mimecast’s services for security and long-term archiving.

The legal sector was one of the earliest adopters of Mimecast technology when the company was founded in 2003 due to law firms’ heavy reliance on emails and these latest wins demonstrate Mimecast’s continued pedigree within the industry.

In the first instance, most legal firms used Mimecast because of its continuity of service. In recent years, archiving has become more important for risk management, so law firms have embraced these services. With the rapid growth of mobile email and flexible working making even five minutes of email downtime hugely damaging to a business, Mimecast’s mobile access services have become essential to law firms.

Kevin Elsden, Network Manager, SJ Berwin LLP, comments: “Essentially, the key reason for using Mimecast was its functionality. We used to have four separate products for four separate functions, but Mimecast do all of them together so we were able to amalgamate it all into one.

The transition to Mimecast was smooth and the impact on users was minimal. It’s been a reliable service since implementation in July 2011, and we have no regrets with choosing Mimecast.”

Thereza Snyman, Head of IT, Kingsley Napley LLP, comments: “The question is not why would you have Mimecast, but why wouldn’t you have it? It’s a comprehensive solution that covers business continuity, security and archiving in one. This relieves time pressures on the IT department and gives users fingertip control for searching and managing their archive.

The first project I undertook on joining Kingsley Napley in September 2011 was to implement Mimecast. The first and most important reason being the business continuity aspect, and the second considerable advantage being the secure archiving of emails, ensuring full audit compliance. In my view, on-premise solutions are cumbersome and, over time, create storage bottlenecks, so having the archive in the cloud was a big attraction with Mimecast.”

“Lawyers need access to emails from mobile devices wherever they are, 24 hours a day. Mimecast is one of only a few providers to be able to offer full email archive access from Windows Phone, iOS, Android or BlackBerry devices, making us a vendor of choice for law firms,” commented Eliza Hedegaard, Account Director Legal at Mimecast. “Innovation has always been crucial to our business and we’ll be continuing to develop new services and technologies that will help our legal customers provide the most efficient service possible, whilst maintaining their competitive edge. 2012 will be a milestone year for Mimecast innovation – we’re readying the most exciting product roadmap in our history.”

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