Mistral Internet launches Range of Online Dedicated Servers

Mistral Internet, part of the Kingston Communications Group, has launched a range of dedicated servers that sets new standards for the hosting industry.

Dedicated servers are ideal for websites with high volumes of traffic as they enable the owner to have exclusive use of top quality web servers without any capital investment.

Mistral’s Online Dedicated Server offering is based on VMWare technology which enables the Brighton-based hosting provider to offer a 100 per cent server uptime guarantee.

Unlike other managed server hosting providers, Mistral’s online dedicated servers can be provisioned in minutes. Servers are ordered online with a credit card, and provisioned ‘on the fly’ once the payment has been processed. The servers are built to the customer’s specification and available for use in around 30 minutes.

Mistral gives customers full control of their server and any applications they wish to run. Customers have the flexibility to install software applications of their choice, host an unlimited number of websites on a single server at no extra cost within their storage capacity and configure the server to their specific requirements.

The Mistral dedicated server portfolio gives customers a choice of Windows or Linux operating systems and custom machine specifications in terms of CPU, RAM and storage.

Karl Robinson, Sales Director, Mistral Internet explained, “Dedicated servers are perfect for web sites with high volumes of traffic, or where users want full control over their server environment.

Any business that is serious about its website needs to ensure it is reliable and our 100 per cent uptime guarantee provides total peace of mind. Essentially, it’s your server, and you are free to run any applications that are compatible with your choice of operating system”.

Mistral Internet was recently named as one of the first hosting providers worldwide to gain VMware Authorised Hosting Provider status. With VMware Infrastructure, multiple virtual machines are hosted and managed on the same server. Unlike shared hosting, VMware hosted virtual machines are fully isolated — if one crashes, others remain available.

For those that are new to the Internet, Mistral has also launched a suite of shared hosting and email services specifically to enable small or growing businesses get online without being bamboozled by technical jargon or a large capital investment.

Mistral’s new range makes it easy by enabling users to create a website in minutes, add search engine optimization to help customers find it, incorporate e-commerce functionality so customers can buy from it and give them adequate webspace for the site to grow. The packages also incorporate a professional email service for their employees.

Karl Robinson, Sales Director, Mistral Internet said, “Online sales and communication are a huge opportunity for any business. Our shared hosting and email packages enable any business, even those with absolutely no technical knowledge, to set up a professional website and start communicating via email with a few clicks of a mouse.”

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