Mitel Award for Universal Group

Hertford based reseller Universal Group has been awarded a Leadership in Innovation Award at Mitel’s annual EMEA Forum in Prague. The award recognises Universal’s continuing commitment to innovation in delivering a Mitel solution for the award-winning design practice, Swanke Hayden Connell Architects (SHCA), based in London.

Universal’s Sales Director, Brian Selby said: “We have always believed that understanding the needs of our customers is a huge strength and transforming problems into a fully integrated business solution is our real forte. We were able to apply virtually all of Mitel’s portfolio to address SHCA’s problems, to give them the tools and applications they needed in an increasingly competitive market”.

Julian Seward, Principal at SHCA said: “We chose Universal as our principal supplier to take our communications systems in to the 21st century because of the balanced view that they always take when recommending solutions to us.

“As designers, we have a responsibility to future generations and the planet, as well as our immediate and primary responsibility to our clients.

Our firm’s culture supports the continuing education of our professionals, including knowledge of the practical use of renewable resources, and the principles of green architecture, including those relating to life-cycle costing, HVAC, use of natural lighting, and the enhancement of the quality of life.”

“Universal took the time, not only to understand how our business works today but at the same time they were casting an eye to our future requirements. In fact, they have always taken this strategic approach in their recommendations rather than just throw technology at us.

As a result, Universal supplied us with a solution that complements and extends our green principles by, for example, reducing our carbon footprint through video meetings and by reducing time spent travelling to and from our offices by using the Teleworker application.”

Universal has enjoyed a 12 year long association with SHCA and in mid-2006 began working on a long term project to identify and define the current and emerging communications needs for the company.

The initial installation of a Mitel 3300 Integrated Communications Platform (ICP) in the London offices of SHCA was intended to provide a Gateway for new applications such as Mitel’s Teleworker and Hot Desking.

This application was trialled by James Ball, SHCA’s Director of IT & Systems and Associate Principal, who said: “We found that Teleworker successfully improved the productivity and communications within our London HQ when staff were working remotely. This allowed us to expand the application to users throughout the network, giving staff fast voice and data access from remote locations, ranging from home offices and client sites at any point around the globe. Together Mitel Your Assistant with the Collaboration module and Mitel Speech Server, we have transformed how we work.

Universal has proved over the many years we have been dealing with them that they have the experience and the resources at their disposal to provide a professional and well rounded service to our company. Like us, Universal have a great team ethos, and it was a team decision to adopt their recommendations.”

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