Mitel Reaches Milestone

Mitel has announced a milestone achievement as it surpassed the mark for two million cloud business communications subscribers, further advancing its industry lead. This latest milestone, reflecting the addition of more than

70,000 seats since the beginning of the year, comes on the heels of a record fourth quarter for Mitel with cloud revenue growth of 44 percent.

The acceleration of Mitel’s cloud business is in line with the latest report from Synergy Research Group, published earlier this month, which shows Mitel remains the market share leader for global cloud business communications.

“Our business has more than doubled over the last few months and our previous solution wasn’t able to scale to meet our needs or deliver the mobile experience we required,” said Matt Harrell, chief executive, NA-Comm. “In the IT consulting business, we couldn’t afford to wait for things to change, so we changed them by moving to Mitel. With the Mitel solution and its mobile-first platform, our business is able to scale unhindered while giving us the capabilities to work wherever and whenever we need to.”

“Demand for cloud communications continues across the globe as businesses of all sizes look for more flexible solutions and commercial options,” said Jon Brinton, executive vice president and general manager, Mitel Cloud.
“Whatever individual needs a business might have, Mitel has the unique ability to help them reap the benefits of cloud communications by providing the best path to the cloud—whether private, hybrid, public or mobile.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine