Mitel Releases Unified Communicator Advanced 3.1

Mitel has released version 3.1 of its Unified Communicator (UC) Advanced solution. UC Advanced allows users single-portal access to all collaboration tools, including deskphone, softphone, mobile devices, visual voice mail, secure instant messaging, presence, audio and web conferencing, desktop video conferencing, document sharing, and email.

Mitel is offering three key enhancements to UC Advanced : web and mobile portal improvements, a new dynamic location client application available for BlackBerry smartphones, and the offering of UC Advanced as a server appliance.

With the continued demand for road and corridor warrior applications, UC Advanced Web and Mobile Portals have been enhanced to allow the user to work independently of the PC client. UC Advanced Web and Mobile Portals continue to allow the user to view corporate contacts and user and device presence information, view call history and voice mail message details, and download and play voice mail messages from the web browser.

UC Advanced Dynamic Location, available for BlackBerry smartphones, allows the user to define the GPS locations to associate with each Dynamic Status, and changes Dynamic Status based on GPS location or by manual selection. Mitel’s innovative development allows for GPS location capabilities with minimal drain on device batteries.

Additionally, by making UC Advanced available as a server appliance pre-installed with Mitel Standard Linux, Mitel says it provides a low-overhead, easily deployed solution for businesses of all sizes.

“With a single interface and capabilities that enable mobility, integration, and efficiency from a single launching point, the solution plays a critical role for businesses seeking to collaborate with employees, partners, and customers.”

The vendor adds, “Mitel’s solutions offer rich collaboration capabilities as workforces become more scattered and business travel is on the downswing, as well as Mitel’s ability to deliver solutions that provide the same in-office experience to workers regardless of location. Additionally, the growing number of devices available to improve workplace efficiency requires a consolidated interface for ease of use.”

Additionally, Unified Communicator (UC) Express, a serverless unified communications client that provides productivity enhancements like click-to-dial, incoming caller ID pop-up, PC-based missed calls, and speed calls list, is now free for Mitel 5000 Communications Platform (CP) customers.

Stephen Beamish, VP Marketing and Business Development, Mitel, “Collaboration is a growing business challenge in today’s global environment. As device sophistication and functionality grow, so does the need to manage them through a single interface. These enhancements to Unified Communicator Advanced meet the growing need for innovative collaboration solutions, and the consistent sales prove once again that Mitel has solved the problem of what enterprises need and continues to show how Mitel leads the way in innovation and feature richness.”

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